Orchard Honey
Orchard Honey
Orchard Honey
Orchard Honey
Orchard Honey
Orchard Honey

Orchard Honey

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Orchard Honey is an exciting new addition to our family of quality, British honeys.

During the Spring Shane's hives are in the orchards of mid Wales near the River Wye. The bees collect nectar and pollen from pear and apple trees to create this delightful runny honey which unsurprisingly has a mildly fruity flavour and a light, golden colour.

Try this drizzled on granola, fruit and yoghurt or with fresh lemon to make a tasty hot drink.

  • Produced in mid Wales
  • Honey weight: 227g
  • From a single source
  • Unpasteurised

Customer Reviews

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Excellent product and would definately recommend


Really yummy, I will definitely purchase again. Welsh bees are awesome, highly recommended.

Like walking through an orchard

After reading about the benefits of raw honey I decided to try the Black Bee Summer honey, purchased through Amazon. The taste was so amazing, the jar did not last very long. I then wanted to try other flavours, & decided to go direct to Black Bee. I ordered another Summer, a Spring & an Orchard. The contact from the team was second to none, & I have never seen such a well packaged parcel. Spring & Summer honeys are absolutely gorgeous, but the Orchard is outstanding. I can easily taste the apple & the pear, & with the aroma it makes me feel like I am walking through a wonderful, warm orchard in the Spring. Well done Black Bee Company. I will only be purchasing direct from you in future. No more weak supermarket honey for us.

Fresh and fragrant

Deliciously fresh and zesty, this is a delicately floral honey which would please most palates. Highly recommended.

Perfect for muffins

I bought a couple of types of honey, Orchard and Autumn, and have used the Orchard honey for my favourite Cranberry, Pecan and Honey Muffin recipe. The recipe doesn't contain a lot of sugar, and gets it sweetness from the honey. However, this honey is not overpowering and provides a subtle sweetness which I really love. I sometimes have the muffins for breakfast as a change to my porridge which I also add the same honey to. I've yet to try the Autumn honey, but if it's anything like the Orchard, then I'm sure I won't be disappointed.