Why is Honey so Good for You?

We discovered how different real honey is from the cheap, supermarket varieties after our first honey harvest. We wanted to spread the word about what an incredible product real honey is, how good it tastes and how it can benefit your health.

The moment you see and taste liquid gold pouring from the honey tank is one of the most special times of the year for a beekeeper and their family! It’s the culmination of months of hard work by both the bees and their keeper.

We’ve always minimised the processing involved from hive to jar which allows us to preserve the qualities of our honey. We want to be able to taste the individual characteristics of a honey, which is all created by the surrounding natural environment of an apiary and the flowers the bees decide to gather the nectar and pollen from that season.

Honey contains incredible things called phytochemicals from plants with powerful health-promoting properties. This includes a boost to the immune system which can help with allergies such as hay-fever. It is a source of riboflavin and vitamin B6 and also provides iron and manganese.

Darker honeys are a rich source of flavonoids, which are antioxidants. A recent trial showed that eating honey daily actually improves blood antioxidant levels which can help prevent disease.

Honey is also an excellent source carbohydrate, a chief source of quick release energy. In the time of the ancient olympics, athletes were reported to eat honey to improve their performance. In one study, weight-lifting athletes were given either a honey or alternative carbohydrate protein drink immediately after an intensive work out. The honey group tested maintained optimal blood sugar levels for two hours following the workout. This is very important for this type of exercise. Also, the group who consumed the honey drink had better muscle recovery.*

We also recommend using honey as a healthier option than refined sugar in your cooking or as an alternative drink sweetener due to known health risks associated with consumption of refined sugar such as diabetes.

There is still much research needed to discover all of the benefits of honey. One thing is for sure, it’s always delicious.

*The Encyclopaedia of Healing Foods
Dr Michael Murray and Dr Joseph Pizzorno with Lara Pizzorno

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