The Versatility of Honey

Real honey has minimal processing between hive and jar which preserves the incredible flavour and health benefits. This means it has many more uses than a honey that has been pasteurised and fine-filtered.

There is a huge variation in flavour between one of our honey varieties to the next which comes as a big surprise to many. This means you can use them to create a different type of sweetness and flavour when cooking or using them in hot drinks or cocktails!

Ling Heather honey is intensely aromatic, with an almost chewy texture and a malty, caramel flavour. It comes out of the hive almost set, so it's very useful in sauces for puddings. Although my personal favourite is a thick layer spread on buttered, sourdough toast.

The nectars and pollens from the wildflowers of Exmoor, which the bees collect to create Summer Honey, has the nostalgic flavours of the honey you remember spooning from the jar as a child. It also remains runny for a long time in the jar so it's perfect for pouring on your porridge. This combined with the heady, floral aroma and flavour makes it a great addition to coffee, or drizzled over oven-baked figs and ricotta.

London Honey is the curve-ball of the Black Bee Honey range. It has a completely different type of sweetness to the heather and wildflower varieties. It's a much lighter honey but very complex, with citrus and elderflower in the mix. We'd recommend as a syrup in an Old Fashioned.

Despite the big differences, all good honeys have great benefits to health which are described in more detail in this earlier blog post

We’ve heard of people rubbing honey into their face. We'd love to hear how you use our honey in cooking or anywhere else!

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