Sweet & Spicy Roast Chicken

Is there anything better than the smell of a roasting chicken on a Sunday? This slightly different take on a weekend classic, is sure to become a family favourite. Can be served with roasted veg & potatoes or for a lighter meal, flatbreads, yoghurt & salad. 

Honey Type: Runny -  Summer, Starflower, Orchard, London
Takes - 10 minutes to prep - 1hour 20mins hours to cook (depending on chicken weight) 
Makes - 4-6 
What you need -  Large roasting tin

1 Free Range high welfare Chicken 
1 Lemon 
4 Tbsp Black Bee honey
2 Tsp Chilli flakes (or to taste) 
1 bunch of fresh thyme 
3-5 sprigs of fresh rosemary 
Good drizzling of olive oil 
Generous sprinkling of sea salt & freshly cracked black pepper 

  1. Pre- heat your oven to 180c, remove chicken from packaging and place in a large roasting tray. Check the label for cooking time as this will vary depending on size. 
  2. Cut the lemon into quarters and place inside the cavity along with half the thyme bunch & half the rosemary. 
  3. Remove the remaining thyme & rosemary from the stalk and roughly chop. Drizzle the chicken generously with olive oil then raw honey and sprinkle with chilli flakes, chopped herbs & seasoning. Now the best way to evenly cover the chicken is to get involved! Massage the skin with your hands. 
  4. Place the chicken in the oven and roast for 40 minutes, check at this point, the sugar in the honey carameslises which creates a delicious golden crispy skin. When this is a deep brown , cover with foil to stop it from catching any further. Then continue roasting until juices run clear. 
  5. Serve with your choice of seasonal sides! 

Author: @lucyrosetteturnbull

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