Starflower Honey

Besides our 4 seasonal varieties, all our labels are currently typographic. The plan has always been to have each limited release variety illustrated by different artists. This month we're relaunching our Starflower Honey with a beautiful, zen illustration created by the fabulous queen of Ingaland, Inga Ziemele.

What got you into illustration?
I have been doodling and drawing all my life, but when I was studying graphic design during the lectures I was always sketching in my notebook. One of the tutors saw it and told me that I should try to do more of that as my main body of work. And it just kind of kicked off from there. I couldn’t stop drawing!

Where do you find inspiration for your work?
My work at its core is very much driven by my own emotions and world views. I often find ugly or scary emotions and turn them into something comedic or cute. It helps myself and hopefully others uplift their moods.

Who are your biggest influences?
I’m very influenced by science fiction. I read a lot of scifi when I was younger. There was this collection of stories by Cliford Simak that I read as a teenager and it really stuck with me. I still go back and reference these often. All of his stories were mostly based around characters that were nobodies, kind of losers that had something otherworldly happen to them that ultimately would wind up being hilarious at the end of the story. I think there are these kinds of comedic and alien aspects in my work as well.

My current favourite scifi writer is Ted Chiang. His story The Lifecycle of Software Objects in the Exhalation book is my favourite. It talks about virtual reality pets and it’s just so heartbreaking, cute and funny all at the same time. A lot of his stories are based around how tech affects our lives in very niche and interesting ways. Also something I have been exploring in my own personal work recently.

Being a city dweller how do you connect with nature?
I’m from Latvia and nature there is very accessible even if you live in the city. So living in London I really miss that. I long for summers all the time. I often go bikepacking in the English countryside then. I really love camping and riding around nature trails. It really fills my soul.
I also like foraging. To my surprise in London you can find a lot of blackberries, so last summer I made a bunch of jam that I have been enjoying throughout winter.

Any personal connection to bees or beekeeping?
I’ve never been stung by a bee. I somehow feel like it is an achievement of sorts haha

Do you like honey and if so how do you eat it?
Of course! On waffles! yum!

Order a Starflower Print here and a jar of Starflower Honey here.

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