Our Story

Founders Paul & Chris met in an office 20 years ago, but their interest in beekeeping led them to London’s rooftops and gardens, where they cared for over a million bees.

It was a life changing experience but they weren’t content. In fact they were annoyed. Annoyed with all the tasteless honey they found on supermarket shelves.

They wanted to share their love of raw, unblended honey with everyone, so Black Bee Honey was born.

Did you know?

Most honey you find on the shelf of a supermarket is a blend of the cheapest EU and Non EU honeys.

The Black Bee Story

The Black Bee or Apis Mellifera Mellifera is the native British honey bee. After losing most of their natural habitat of woodlands and wildflower meadows the Black Bee was verging on extinction. Only in recent years have there been efforts to protect the Black Bee in dedicated reserves in South West England.

The founders chose the name for their honey company as they support British bees and their keepers by sourcing and celebrating only British honey. Paul even has a colony living in the wall of his home in Somerset!

Did you know?

The Black Bee is the original British Honey bee which is almost extinct.

Our Ethos

We’re a nation of honey lovers and we have a long history of beekeeping. The crazy thing is most of the jars of honey on the shelves of our supermarkets are imported and blended from mysterious locations far, far away.

Honey bee colonies are now rarely found in the wild so our honey bee population relies on beekeepers. As well as producing our own honey we work with select honey producers in the UK to offer the best of British, supporting both our bees and beekeepers.

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