Black Bee Honey will shortly commence its second investment round. 16.6% equity is offered in return for £125,000 investment based on a valuation of £750,000. The Investor Memorandum can be found here.

This is a non-binding expression of interest to invest.

Existing Ordinary shareholders have pre-emption rights. There is £38,960 of investment eligible for SEIS, the remainder is eligible for EIS* (tax relief based upon individual investor circumstances).

A Ordinary (£2,000+)
Each A Ordinary Share is entitled to: one vote in any circumstance; certain pre-emption rights; and rank equally with B Investment Shares in respect of dividends and capital distributions.

B Investment (£50+)
Ranks equally with A Ordinary Shares in every respect (including the right to participate in dividends and capital distributions), save that B Investment Shares do not have any voting or pre-emption rights.

*Advance assurance given by HMRC.

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