Gift Subscription - 12 Jars
Gift Subscription - 12 Jars
Gift Subscription - 12 Jars
Gift Subscription - 12 Jars
Gift Subscription - 12 Jars
Gift Subscription - 12 Jars
Gift Subscription - 12 Jars
Gift Subscription - 12 Jars

Gift Subscription - 12 Jars

Regular price £75.00

Two jars of British seasonal honey, delivered every other month in a screen printed box. This subscription makes a great gift and also saves you a whopping £32.00.

What's in the gift subscription box?

  • Two jars of seasonal and delicious British Honey
  • A unique honey story card for each variety with information on the beekeeper, apiary, pollens and Total Activity rating.

How it works

  • Your card will be charged once for the full year subscription.
  • Subscriptions are dispatched once purchased, and will continued to be dispatched on the same date each month. If you'd like to change the date of dispatch this can be done in your account. 
  • Delivery is included in the price of the subscription.
  • Your subscription will only be charged once.
  • Discounts have already been included with the boxes so additional discount codes cannot be redeemed against them.
  • Subscription boxes are only available for delivery within the UK.

The Seasonal Honey Varieties

British Spring Honey
Creamy & light, it’s foraged from spring flowers in Somerset and is perfect for spreading on your morning toast. Find out more here.

British Summer Honey
A taste of summer in a jar. Created by bees from a wonderful mix of wildflowers, this honey has a rich golden colour and a heady, floral flavour. Find out more here.

British Autumn Honey
The bees produce an incredibly aromatic honey with a uniquely thick and silky texture. Ling Heather honey has high antibacterial properties but it’s also great on toast, on your porridge or straight from the jar. Find out more here.

British Winter Honey
Renamed from our Festive honey, this Winter Ivy honey combines fresh, herbal and lightly menthol flavours with a sweet, ripe finish. Light in colour but a heavyweight in flavour. Find out more here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
The more you eat, the tastier it gets

Very impressed with quick response to enquiries about my order.
Delivery was quite quick too despite the holiday season.
Very tasty summer honey. The floral taste in your mouth grows and grows the more you eat it, in a pleasant kind of way.

Consistent good service and high quality product.

I'm nearing the end of my subscription order. Throughout, the communication from Black Bee Honey has been very good and the quality of the honey has been consistently high.

David Taylor

I recently received the first instalment of my subscription order. Very impressed by the speed of despatch and communication by Black Bee Honey. Delivery was prompt and my item very well packaged.
Oh, and the honey is delicious.

Excellent service

This was bought as a gift and what better time to send someone you love beautiful honey straight to their door. Professional service and great honey!

JIllian Robson
Such a speedy and excellent service

Black Bee Honey had a great speedy service, even despite the pandemic. Customer service has been wonderful.