The Save the Bees Story

The Save the Bees Story

Not long after Chris and I started keeping bees in London there was increasing concern that neonic pesticides used mainly on rapeseed crops were causing harm to honey bees and other wildlife exposed to the chemicals. This culminated in a march on Parliament square which we were part of.

It wasn't until 2018, after a lot more research and public pressure that the EU banned neonicotinoids but it made us much more aware of the environmental pressures faced by bees and other pollinators and kickstarted a number of events to raise public awareness.

Not long after this a chat over pint with friend and renowned graphic artist Anthony Burrill led to the first Save the Bees screen print. The print, exquisitely made by Harvey Lloyd Screens in Kent, drew on the political banners of the march and captured the mood of the time.

The screen print was a big success and inspired us to curate the Save the Bees exhibition in London inviting a roster of acclaimed artists and designers to create one off artworks inspired by the honey bee.

Henry the Hive

The artwork was auctioned at the event and the money raised was used for more projects to raise public awareness. This included "Henry the Hive" a large colourful hive which we took to a children's festival running bee themed workshops.

Recently Anthony Burrill has very kindly updated the original poster design with three different colour versions; Orange, Black and Yellow. These are all now available to buy exclusively on our website. We also now have a cute enamel badge with the original Save the Bees design.

We're also talking to Anthony about some exciting new projects to continue the Save the Bees story so watch this space!

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