The Honey Seasons - Triple Pack
The Honey Seasons - Triple Pack
The Honey Seasons - Triple Pack
The Honey Seasons - Triple Pack
The Honey Seasons - Triple Pack
The Honey Seasons - Triple Pack

The Honey Seasons - Triple Pack

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Taste the seasons through our award winning Spring, Summer and Autumn honeys. Our triple packs are a great value way of trying the range of delicious honeys.

Our first soft set honey the British Spring is a new addition to our range of British honeys. Creamy & light, it’s foraged from spring flowers in Somerset and is perfect for spreading on your morning toast.

The British Summer is created by bees from a wonderful mix of wildflowers, this honey has a rich golden colour and a heady, floral flavour.

Our new British Autumn Honey is made by bees taken up onto the North Yorkshire moors in August when the Ling Heather is in bloom.

  • TA Scores: 10+ /10+ / 15+
  • Honey weight: 227g / 227g / 230g
  • Great Taste Award Winner: 2 star

If you're buying this is as a gift select the box option to receive the jars in a beautiful screen printed card case.

Customer Reviews

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Love all the flavours

This is truly the nicest honey I’ve tasted & I’ve tried a few. I think it’s quite expensive but I’m counting it as my luxury & hope to be able to afford more quite regularly. I just purchased 6 jars so a few to keep me going for a little while. Truly nice honey you won’t be disappointed!

Lovely Honeys

3 delicious honeys all with unique flavours

Beautiful honeys

3 seasons of lovely rich honey.all very different.from te subtle creamy spring one to the rich autumn Heather honey. Loved them all

Worth every penny!

They arrived well packaged and with a lovely had written thank you card <3 (made my morning!)

But lets get to the golden truth of the honey itself, its amazing!!
I love honey, and I am VERY particular about where it is from and how it is made, I always try to avoid the EU blends and 'fake' Honey on the market and in shops. When i found this shop, I read up on their single origin sourced honey and was sold just by their ethical approach of their bees, product and their workers being living wage supported as well as them supporting UK bee Keepers and farms.

Back to the honey though. I couldn't resist dipping a spoon in each them this morning to give them a raw and pure taste, and I was blown away by the subtle wonderful balance of flavours and the differences in each jar.

Outstanding honey, great price, all the right things behind it what is not to love?! I will definitely beeeee buying more <3

Great starter pack

Great introduction to the world of black bee