Seaside, Heather & Spring - Triple Pack
Seaside, Heather & Spring - Triple Pack
Seaside, Heather & Spring - Triple Pack
Seaside, Heather & Spring - Triple Pack

Seaside, Heather & Spring - Triple Pack

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Drizzle your way through the three heavyweights in the flavour department. Our triple packs are a great value way of trying our range of delicious honeys.

Seaside is a hard to find honey variety from hives taken to the salt marshes of the North Norfolk coast. Sea Lavender honey has an incredible salted caramel flavour. Very limited and available exclusively here.

The British Heather is the connoisseur’s choice and known as the British Manuka. A limited edition honey with a toffee colour with a satisfying crunchy texture and an aromatic and smokey flavour.

Our first soft set honey the British Spring is a new addition to our range of British honeys. Creamy & light, it’s foraged from spring flowers in Somerset and is perfect for spreading on your morning toast.

  • TA Scores: 10+ / 20+
  • Honey weight: 227g / 230g / 227g
  • Great Taste Award Winners: 1 star

If you're buying this is as a gift select the box option to receive the jars in a beautiful screen printed card case.

Customer Reviews

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I hadn’t realised that honey could taste so different and they are all excellent.

A delightful, tasty variety of honeys!

I've really enjoyed tasting all three of these honeys and experiencing the different flavours and textures they had to offer. I wasn't sure what to expect having only ever bought honey from the supermarket, but after finding out about the benefits of raw honey and the amount of variety available I wanted to support British bees and so decided to give Black Bee Honey a go. The spring honey is delightfully fresh and light, whilst the heather is floral and crunchy and the Seaside is just absolutely delicious and caramel like. The more I taste them the more flavourful and nuanced they become. I'm looking forward to trying more varieties of black bees honeys and buying more to gift!

1st Class Honey

What a Wonderful find. All the honies taste so different, but, all so delicious and with the health benefits you get with them, it's a no brainer. If you are a honey fan you will not be disappointed. Give Blackbee honey ago. I don't normally review anything, so this is definitely giving you a message.

Who says honey is just honey?

These three very different honeys are each separately gorgeous. My wife says Seaside is the best honey she’s had in years! She’s absolutely right.


Arrived promptly and safely - so far we have been really enjoying the British Spring Honey - it is really delicious and we will shortly be moving on to the next jar - cant wait!