Autumn & Orchard Twin Pack

Autumn & Orchard Twin Pack

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The taste of English Summer blossom and Welsh orchards. All of our twin packs are a great value way of trying the range.

The British Summer is created by bees from a wonderful mix of wildflowers, this honey has a golden colour and a heady, floral flavour.

During the Spring Shane's hives are in the orchards of mid Wales near the River Wye. The bees collect nectar and pollen from pear and apple trees to create this delightful runny honey which unsurprisingly has a mildly fruity flavour and a light, golden colour.

  • TA Scores: 10+
  • Honey weight: 227g / 227g

Customer Reviews

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Myra Shaul
Fab Honey

Warm rich deep honey

cupboard love

A regular must have in the cupboard of this fudgy wholesome and delicious honey with a rich intense flavour. It was a very good day when I discovered Blackbee honey. A teaspoon a day (or more) makes life a little more sweet!

Dean Joyce
My favourite

In my opinion there is no honey more indulgent than Autumn honey from Black Bee. It’s rich, thick and full flavoured, if your lucky it may even have delicious tiny crystals to delight the senses even further. The orchard honey was the opposite but equally scrumptious with its light moreish fruity flavour and runny silky consistency. It’s so tasty that you can imagine yourself skipping through the orchard on a warm sunny afternoon, plucking the fruits from the trees and placing them in your wicker basket (and maybe behind you, seven little men whistling a tun). It’s happy honey that’s very yummy!

LIbby Riley
Lovely honey

Loved both types of honey but the autumn ones had some very unique flavours.

Miranda White
Gorgeous set of honeys

The flavours of these two honeys are incredible and complement one another perfectly. The Orchard honey is lovely and light and particularly good on toast. The Autumn honey is delicious, really malty and soothing - I’ve been having a spoonful of it every day to give me a boost after the flu. Really impressed and will be recommending Black Bee Honey to everyone!