Summer Party 2021

Summer Party 2021

As with most events over the past year or so, ours too was not without its own COVID-19 shake up (of course). Alas, we had a couple of positive test results so unfortunately we were down on representation - but definitely not down on spirit!

Luckily Chris, Izzy and Jed were all in the clear and so the party got into full swing in the early afternoon as planned. The music decks were buzzing with beats from Merlin and Sanky (amongst others) and the sun came out to shine over the whole event.

In the back, the bouncy castle was keeping children entertained, whilst the bar had a good queue and was serving up delicious cocktails, beers and wines. Very quickly there was a lovely buzz of people milling around enjoying the views and atmosphere. Inside BBH HQ there were chocolate treats to be eaten and mask making to be done, with Adam and daughter Etta making a particularly snazzy design.

Among the first to arrive were Nimesh and his family, BBH investors, on their way back from a Cornish holiday and taking the chance to drop in whilst passing. Nimesh had a great chat with Chris in the BBH offices, joined also by a French investor Morgan, who picked Chris’s and Jed’s brains about current beekeepers on the books and future plans for the company. It was great to see you all there and have a good chat.

Food was provided by Bruce and I think almost everyone tucked into the options available, including an investor's dog who helped himself to someone’s lunch from a seat!

Elsewhere, co-founder Chris’s daughter Bo (14 months) welcomed almost everyone to the party as they arrived with some excitable waving and joyous ‘Hello!’s, all whilst (mostly) wearing her bee antennae headband - got to start them young.

Jilly, the owner of the farm that BBH HQ lives on, came down to enjoy the atmosphere too, and added a spark of energy to the party with her dancing. And Izzy (Sales and Sustainability) kept the BBH representation going well into the night with her friends and investors, all perked up on the delicious honey cocktails that Diggery on the bar had provided.

All in all, a great afternoon and evening enjoyed by many. We’re so glad so many of you could make it and took the time to come and say hello to us in Somerset. We hope you all got the chance to talk to one of the team if you wanted to, and to get some honey or gifts directly from the honey shop set up on site.

Thank you. And here’s to the next one! 

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